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Fairhaven Health | Ovulation Calendar and Pregnancy Wheel

Brand: Fairhaven Health
Product Code: Ovualation Calendar and Pregnancy Wheel
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Convenience & Accuracy – Ovulation Calendar & Pregnancy Wheel
From preconception to due-date, the 9-Months-Plus Ovulation Calendar & Pregnancy Pinwheel provides day-to-day information on fertility, ovulation and pregnancy milestones.
Ideal for trying-to-conceive and pregnant women, the ovulation calendar pinpoints ovulation and peak fertility, implantation, when to expect a missed period and the best date to take a pregnancy test, all based on your cycle length. The ovulation calendar also helps cut down on wasted test kits by outlining the best times to use ovulation tests or microscopes.
Once pregnancy is achieved, the pregnancy wheel guides women through the myriad of important dates and doctor visits over the next nine months, including the right time for fetal viability, movement and heartbeat checks, ultrasounds, and important tests like Nuchal Translucency, the triple screen and amniocentesis.

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