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Hape | Swimmer Teddy Wind-Up Toy
Wind up this little swimming teddy and watch it go round and round again. Entertaining for little..
Hape | Wonder Walker
This balanced walker provides a sturdy base for pulling up, and a unique design that makes pu..
Jellycat | Board Book | Bitsy Ballerina
Bitsy Ballerina practises hard, and wants to become a prima dancer! What a pity she's tutu short!..
Jellycat | Board Book | Colin Chameleon
The Colin Chameleon book is just the story for tots who like to be different. Poor Colin is so sm..
Jellycat | Board Book | Cyril's Big Adventure
In Cyril's Big Adventure, this brave sloth leaves the jungle for the big, exciting city. But how ..
Jellycat | Board Book | Dance Bunny Dance
Dance Bunny Dance" by Jellycat is a sweet read your little one will love, especially if she wants..
Jellycat | Board Book | Dinosaurs Are Cool
Why did dinosaurs go extinct? Perhaps they didn't listen to their Mums and Dads! Find out in 'Din..
Jellycat | Board Book | Elephant
Discover the savannah with little elephant, across the open plains and into the watering hole. A ..
Jellycat | Board Book | If I Were a Donkey
What would it be like to be a donkey with soft ears and a farm as a home? An adorable board b..
Jellycat | Board Book | If I Were a Hippo
Explore the wonderfully whimsical world of Jellycat in this board book. Look out for different te..
Jellycat | Board Book | If I Were a Kitty
Let little ones discover what it would be like to be a cat in a quirky colourful style. Illustrat..
Jellycat | Board Book | If I Were a Moose
If I Were A Moose is full of make-believe magic! Little ones can have antler antics with..
Jellycat | Board Book | If I Were a Poodle
The If I Were A Poodle Book is just the thing for curious minds on rainy days! This busy board bo..
Jellycat | Board Book | If I Were a Rabbit
If I Were A Rabbit is a beautiful board book that's so much fun to read together. Encouraging tot..
Jellycat | Board Book | If I Were a Raccoon
If you were a raccoon for a day would you be a city coon or a country one? Would you spend yo..
Jellycat | Board Book | If I Were a Unicorn
Come for a ride through the enchanted forest with the If I Were A Unicorn Book. A magical way to ..
Jellycat | Board Book | If I Were an Octopus
What would it be like to spend your days under the sea? The If I Were an Octopus Book aims to fin..
Jellycat | Board Book | If I Were an Owl
Take off on a flight of fancy with the 'If I Were an Owl' board book. Filled with perky pictures ..
Jellycat | Board Book | Mattie's Twirly Whirly Tail
Mattie's Twirly Whirly Tail Book is a wonderful story about being yourself. This gorgeously colou..
Jellycat | Board Book | My Best Pet
Puppy, bunny, parrot or kitten? My Best Pet is a book with a different suggestion. How about a di..
Jellycat | Board Book | One Day
One Day is a tale of wishing and wanting to do lots of grown-up things! A beautiful hardback with..
Jellycat | Board Book | Panda
Kids can discover what pandas do each day with the adorable Panda book by Jellycat! They'll follo..
Jellycat | Board Book | Sometimes I Feel
Meet a little puppy with a lot of emotions. 'Sometimes I Feel' is a splendid story about happines..
Jellycat | Board Book | The Magic Bunny
A gorgeous book for keen little readers, The Magic Bunny is a wonderful tale of a very special ra..
Jellycat | Board Book | The Very Brave Lion
In The Very Brave Lion, a little cub talks to his daddy about growing up. He learns it's ok to be..
Jellycat | Board Book | Unicorn Dreams
Open the cover to Unicorn Dreams and discover a truly magical world. Flying, diving, discovering ..
Jellycat | Board Book | Wake Up Little Owl
It might sound funny, but Wake Up Little Owl is the perfect story for bedtime! Follow mixed-up Li..
Jellycat | Board Book | When I Am Big
Running races, collecting bugs - this little bunny can't wait to grow up! When I Am Big explores ..
Jellycat | Book | Elly Ballerina Book
Elly Ballerina is the tale of one determined elephant! Elly longs to be a ballet star, and her te..
Jellycat | Book | Flo Malfingo How Pink Can She Go?
Flo Maflingo - How Pink Can She Go? is a fabulous tale of a divinely daring bird! Flo loves the c..
Jellycat | Goat's Big Adventure
From his home high on the mountain tops, Bashful Goat is ready to join in on all of your biggest ..
Jellycat | Lollopylou Unicorn Jitter
Bring some bounce to bedtime with Lollopylou Jitter! A bold little buddy in a cascade of colour, ..
Jellycat | Medium Berry Santa | 13 in
The Jellycat brand was established in London in 1999 to create quirky, original and innovative so..
Jellycat | Playmat | Sacha Snow Tiger
Snuggle up and settle down with the Sacha Snow Tiger Playmat! Cloudy-soft in mocha-cream fur, thi..
Jellycat | Silly Sushi | California
Konnichiwa! Silly Sushi California is a perky poppet full of kawaii charm. With fluffy rice, cord..
Jellycat | Silly Sushi | Maki
Silly Sushi Maki makes us say Itadakimasu, or Thank you for the food! That's because this neat li..
Jellycat | Silly Sushi | Nigiri
Irasshaimase, or Welcome! Silly Sushi Nigiri is super-friendly, and has dressed up to say hello! ..
Jellycat | Soft Activity Book | Dino Tails
A fabric book with a twist in the tail! This soft and squishy book is bursting with color, textur..
Jellycat | Soft Activity Book | Fluffy Tails
Plumes and brushes and fluffies and fuzzies - the Fluffy Tails Book has so many tails! A wonderfu..
Jellycat | Soft Activity Book | Rainbow Tails
Wait a second - that book has a tail! It has lots of tails! It's the Tails Rainbow Book! A carniv..
Jellycat | Soft Activity Book | Sea Tails
Dive into the Sea Tails book for tails of every stripey, scale and squiggle! A funky fabric book ..
Jellycat | Soft Activity Book | Unicorn Tails
Delve into a world of crinkly, crackly and squishy unicorn fun. Sparkly, pastelley enjoyment from..
Jellycat | Soft Activity Book | Where Is My Belly Button?
Help Baby learn about their body with the Where is My Belly Button Book. This soft, cloth book is..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Amuseables | Ice Cream
Amuseable Ice Cream is one cool character! With a squishy-soft waffle cone, cordy feet and big st..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Baby Fuddlewuddle Dino
A dinosaur with snuggly scales? What a funny sight! Fuddlewuddle Dino is a very special chap, wit..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Aqua Bunny
This scrumptious aqua bunny is looking for friends to share secrets and ideas with, and ..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Beige Bunny | Large
Bashful Beige Bunny is a popular fellow with scrummy-soft Jellycat fur and lovely long flopsy ear..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Beige Bunny | Medium
Bashful Beige Bunny is a popular fellow with scrummy-soft Jellycat fur and lovely long flopsy ear..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Coral Bunny
This bright little bunny is looking for a new friend to enjoy bedtime stories with and share lots..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Dino | Medium
Bashful Dino is making history! Soft, not scaly, this mossy matey has chunky stomper-feet, a snug..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Donkey | Medium
This soft, lovable 12 inch bashful donkey is the cutest of all stuffed animals. It makes a perfec..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Dragon | Medium
Bashful Dragon is a fierce little friend, with plenty of attitude! With supersoft fur in pale sag..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Flamingo | Medium
Bashful Flamingo is bubblegum-pink and a very good friend to babies and tots. This bonny bird is ..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Fox Cub | Medium
Cheeky little Bashful Fox is a jiffly ginger cub with fluffy white ears, feet and tail-tip. He lo..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Goat | Medium
With plush white fur and soft little horns, this bonny Billy is ready for all kinds of advent..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Grey Bunny | Medium
In Bashful Grey Bunny’s warren, everything is silver! His soft bed, his teapot, even his tea is E..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Grey Kitty | Medium
So, so soft and ever so pretty, Bashful Kitty is a brilliant soft toy buddy for bedtime. This dre..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Honey Bear | Small
Irresistibly soft, with a big snuggly tummy, Bashful Honey Bear is a cuddling expert! The perfect..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Koala | Medium
All the way from sunny Australia, it's Bashful Koala Medium! This cuddler from Down Under has the..
Jellycat | Stuffed Animal | Bashful Lemon Bunny
Full of silly, citrussy fun, it's Bashful Lemon Bunny! Sweet as pie, with long, lopsy ears, this ..
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