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We are located at 1223C National Hwy in Burton's Plaza in LaVale, Maryland


Kebbie's Diaper Bag is a Mama Owned and Operated cloth diaper and natural baby store. We carry products that we dearly love because we have tried and tested each product. Since each item has been handpicked by us, we have great knowledge of how each product should perform. 

Allow me to introduce myself; I am Ferne Benson, the mom behind Kebbie’s Diaper Bag. I became a mom in the Summer of 2010 when we welcomed our daughter, Kebbie, into the world. It was a tumultuous first few months, as Kebbie had difficulties with everything I loved eating, including dairy and gluten, and since I was exclusively breastfeeding I learned quickly to cut out the foods that triggered her reactions. A ton of sleepless nights for the whole family, but time well spent surfing the web for answers to our daunting questions of why our daughter was crying all of the time and wasn't happy. I quickly discovered babywearing was one of the easiest ways for me to get a break from the crying cause it was the only thing that would put her to sleep. By the end of 2 and a half long months, I discovered all of her triggers and was able to cut them from my diet, which made for a happy healthy baby we could all enjoy!


So our cloth journey began the day she was born. We choose to cloth diaper from the beginning because we wanted to leave less of an eco-footprint on the earth, plus disposables are expensive and the plan was to have me stay home and raise the children. We were using prefolds & covers, fitteds, one-size, pockets and AIO's, you name it, we tried it. We took an eclectic approach to cloth diapering and found that different diapers fit at different stages. This gave me a chance to get a feel for how different brands and styles fit and worked. I was intrigued, infatuated and just plain stir crazy about cloth! 


Since we live in a rural town in Western Maryland, I had always dreamed of having someplace I could go and get help with my cloth diaper, babywearing and breastfeeding questions. Instead I learned through trial and error and a ton of late night internet research. We realized that our community really needed a cloth diaper and natural parenting advocate, so I ventured out to be that advocate. I was able to reach out to our local community by hosting events, having cloth diaper circles, babywearing meets and meeting with mom's one on one and teaching them about the more economical and environmental way to diaper our babies. I learned right alongside the mom's I was introducing to cloth, as they would have questions I wouldn't know the answer to, so I would get the answer so we could all discuss and grow together. 


It was a formative time back in the early days and out of that time came the idea to start a local cloth diaper and natural parenting store that would give the customer service, attention and support I craved as a new mom experiencing this whole new world of eco-conscious, attachment and natural parenting. In the Fall of 2011 Kebbie’s Diaper Bag was born.


In the Fall of 2012 we were blessed with baby number 2. This gave us a chance to try all kinds of new products out. We have now experienced the newborn phase again, enjoyed babywearing in the newborn to toddler stage and have conquered potty training with our oldest. We tried many diapers and baby products, which didn't always work and was a waste of money, which is quite the opposite point of cloth diapering. Our misfortune is your great fortune because it gives us the opportunity to share with you our experiences.


We are armed with the knowledge to help expecting and new to cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding and natural parenting families be successful in their adventure, cause let's face it, parenting is a whirlwind of unexpected twists and turns! We are happy to say that everything in our store has been Baby Tested, Mom Approved. We can speak from experience on how each product performs and how to get the best fit and use out of each product.  


In November of 2016, we opened our full scale brick and mortar in the heart of Downtown Cumberland, MD. Our store has evolved once again as we brought in new product that serves the needs of our community. We focus on quality instead of quantity and we stock unique items that make excellent gifts. We also completed our Child Passenger Safety Certification course in November as we plan to offer high quality car seats in the future. In the meantime we can assist you with your car seat safety questions or schedule you for a car seat check. 


We continue to try new products and have many of our mommy community test new products out for us that we are unable to test ourselves. We are always growing, learning and open to new ideas. If you would like us to try a new product line or have questions about a product line you are interested in, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it further with you.


Thank you for stopping by, we truly hope that your shopping experience is stellar and if we can assist you in any way, please reach out to us. We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or just plain old email. You can even give us a call, 301.338.8272! We are always happy to help.


Best Wishes and Fluffy Love!

~Ferne Benson


Mom of 2 & Owner of Kebbie’s Diaper Bag



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