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Interested in making some extra fluffy bucks? 
Want to help a friend get started in cloth diapers?
Just love Kebbie's so much you can't wait to spread the word? 


Then you have come to the right place! Here at Kebbie's Diaper Bag the biggest compliment you can give us is referring us to your friends and family. We want to reward you with some added perks of helping us spread the word about one of your favorite places to shop. 


The Perks


How it Works


First, you create an affiliate account by logging into your normal account and scrolling down and clicking on "create an affiliate account", if you don't see this and instead see affiliate transactions and other such links then you have already created an account, which is as easy as clicking a box when you created your account. It is as easy as registering to be one of our amazing customers! 


Next, you can create a link from the affiliate link menu to a product you want to share with people or you can email us for a special coupon that saves your friend you're referring money and earns you affiliate credit!


Once you log in under the affiliates link, click on the Custom Affiliate Tracking Code. Here is where you will grab your special affiliate ID tracking code. You can select one of your favorite products with the auto complete tracking link generator or you can add ?tracking="your code here no quotes" then share this link with whomever you please. 


If the person you shared your affiliate link with clicks it and places an order on the same device within 30 days, you will receive credit for their purchase. 


Affiliates can earn up to 5% in affiliate credit when they are actively referring new customers. 


Total Referred Sales >$499 $500-999 $1000-1499 $1500-2999 $3000
Affiliate Percentage 1% 2% 3% 4% 5%
*Total Referred Sales starts accumulating as of January 1, 2015. 


At any time you want, you can log into your account, go down to affiliate transactions and see your earnings total and select to transfer the earnings to your store credit account. end of the month, affiliates that have earned $5 or more, will receive their payout on the first of the following month.




How does my affiliate link or coupon track orders?
Through a tracking cookie that is embedded in the customers web browser. This cookie will link their purchase to your affiliate account so you will earn affiliate credit.


How long does the cookie stay active?
The cookie will remain active in the customer's browser for up to 30 days. If customer deletes their browsing history and cookies it will remove your tracking code.


What if a person I refer doesn't order until 2 weeks after I referred them? 
If the customer uses the same browser and device that they initially clicked the link through and their internet history or cookies have not been deleted, the cookie will still track their purchase for you to receive affiliate credit. 


Where can I post my affiliate link?
You may share it wherever you would like. You can share it on facebook groups, your wall, in text messages (see below on how to shorten), emails, and comments on blogs, the possibilities are endless. 


Is there a way to make the affiliate link shorter?
Visit and copy and paste your affiliate link in the box. You can edit how the end looks, but this makes is much shorter for remembering if you wanted to write it down or text it to someone. 


Can I track how often my affiliate link is clicked?
Yes, you can track it by going to After you have shortened your link and then shared it, you can see how often it is clicked. 


If a person places more than one order within the cookie lifetime, will I get credit for all orders?
Yes! You will earn credit for every order placed within 30 days of the link being clicked.


Affiliates may not use their own link to receive affiliate credit. 


In store purchases are not eligible for affiliate program. 


Past, pending or incorrect use of affiliate link are not eligible for affiliate credit. 


Current affiliates as for 12/31/14 have been mirgrated to this new affiliate program and will no longer receive the lifetime affiliate benefits from the prior program. 


Best Practices


Please don't spam your affiliate link to groups on facebook or other social media that wouldn't appreciate it. If you want to spread the word, you can go to mom or cloth diaper blogs and on related posts you could reply with a comment about the article and how you like so and so from Kebbie's or tell of a personal experience you have had with us and share your link. Using your link in a conversational way is much more pleasant than just blasting it all over the internet.


If you have a blog and need an image made for a button we would be happy to create one for you, please contact us with your specifications. 


What are you waiting for? Are you ready to get started


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