Whether you use cloth or disposables, diapering a newborn isn't cheap! Newborns go through diapers more often than older babies, so you'll be changing baby quite frequently. If you use disposable diapers, you throw away money with every single diaper that baby wears. Cloth diapering certainly saves money in the long run, but because newborns grow so quickly, it can be daunting to spend a lot of money on a stash of newborn diapers that will be too small in a few short months.

What is it?
Our newborn diaper rental program gives you an opportunity to supercharge your cloth diaper savings by renting newborn-sized diapers for 12 weeks. (Around 12 weeks, babies tend to be large enough to fit comfortably in the "one-size" diapers that last through toddlerhood.) In addition to the cost savings factor, our newborn diaper rental program is a great way to experiment with several kinds of diapers before your baby grows big enough to wear those "one-size" diapers. This will make it all the easier to decide what your longer-term diaper stash should look like when baby outgrows the newborn diapers and is ready for one-size diapers that will last through potty training!

What are the benefits?
To understand the value of the newborn diaper rental package, let's compare the cost of disposable diapers for 12 weeks. Newborns use 10-14 diapers per day, so we'll estimate 12 diapers per day. Wal-mart sells a package of 96 Pampers Swaddlers in the newborn size for $24.94, or $0.26 per diaper. Assuming you change baby 12 times a day, you'll go through 1,008 disposable diapers in baby's first 12 weeks. You'll buy 11 96-packs of diapers and spend $274.

Alternatively, consider our newborn diaper rental packages which includes a refundable deposit.

How does it work?

  1. At least 6 weeks prior to your estimated due date, reserve your newborn diaper rental package. Simply select your package and whether you want boyish colors, girlish colors, or neutral colors. 
  2. Download and Sign the rental agreement and email it to us.
  3. At least 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date, we will email you to let you know that your diapers are shipping out or are ready to be picked up in the store.
  4. Enjoy your adorable diapers for 12 weeks! 
  5. Bring or ship the diapers back by the return date in acceptable condition as specified in the rental agreement, and we will refund your deposit as store credit, which can be used on anything else in the store.


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Newborn Rental | 30 AIO Gender Neutral Diapers
Whether you use cloth or disposables, diapering a newborn isn't cheap! Newborns go through diaper..
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