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Haba Little Friends Accessory Collection
Haba Little Friends Doll Collection
Haba Little Friends Farm Collection
Haba Sand Toy Collection
These sand toys will delight and inginte imagination play for hours. Enjoy at the ..
Haba | Brain Builder Peg Set
Age:  2 - 6 Years   Details With our Brain Builder Peg Set, lit..
Haba | Buggy Play Figure | Clown
Age:  1 Year+   Details There is so much going on with this woo..
Haba | Clutching Toy | Chick
Details   It's your lucky day! Ease tender gums with this lucky mushroom clutching t..
Haba | Clutching Toy | Color Snake
Age:  10 Months +   Details   Keep your child entertained an..
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Haba | Clutching Toy | Ice Cream
Age:  0 Months+   Details It isn't summer until you've had your..
Haba | Clutching Toy | Mushroom
Details   It's your lucky day! Ease tender gums with this lucky mushroom clutching t..
Haba | Clutching Toy | Rainbow Carousel
Age:  6 Months+   Details Shake, Shake Shake - shake it all aro..
Haba | Clutching Toy | Rainbow Swirl
Age:  6 Months+   Details How "revealing!" Our transparent Rain..
Haba | Clutching Toy | Strawberry
Details   Your little sweetie deserves this sweet strawberry to chew on! Made from f..
Haba | Cuddly Teether | Rocket
Age:  6 Months+   Details 3, 2, 1.....
Haba | Doll | Fabian
Details “Hello! My name is Fabian. I love to play soccer with my friends. I am the best..
Haba | Doll | Graham Matze
Details   Graham is one cool kid! he is a perfect addition to any doll paren..
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Haba | Doll | Isabelle
Age:  18 Months +   Details ..
Haba | Doll | Lilli
Details   In need of a friend? Lilli is the perfect choice! Her cheerful dem..
Haba | Doll | Mali
Age: 18+ Months   Details   Donning a pretty green patterne..
Haba | Doll | Nick
Hello! My name is Nick and I'm a sports fanatic; I'm best at swimming and soccer. Nick wears ..
Haba | Dress-up Doll | Lilli
Age: 2 Years+   Details Your little one is growing up, and her doll should too! ..
Haba | Frida Outfit Set
Details Now your 12-13 3/4'' doll can dress in style throughout winter or on those brisk fall..
Haba | Game of Skill | Animal Pyramid
Age:  2 Years +   Details The animals are stacked in a hilariou..
Haba | Game of Skill | Mini Monster
Age:  2 Years + Details The little mini monsters are famished! Who can ‘..
Haba | Glove Puppet | Dragon
Age:  18 Months +   Details Just sli..
Haba | Hedgehog Clutching Toy
Age:  6 Months+   Details Another fantastic clutching toy from ..
Haba | Little Friends | Dollhouse Accessories | Cushions & Blankets
Keep your HABA Bendy doll friends warm and comfy this winter with these fleecy bla..
Haba | Little Friends | Dollhouse Accessories | Rugs
Decorate your Villa Sunshine or dream-house with this 4-piece rug set, in varying ..
Haba | Little Friends | Dollhouse Furniture | Beauty Corner
How do you think Lilli and friends got so beautiful? Why they use this beauty corn..
Haba | Little Friends | Dollhouse Furniture | Bedroom
Give the HABA Little Friends a comfy place to lay their tired heads and store all ..
Haba | Little Friends | Dollhouse Furniture | Dining Room
The Little Friends are planning a dinner party tomorrow night with the neighbors a..
Haba | Little Friends | Dollhouse Furniture | Kitchen
Outfit the Little Friends' new dollhouse with brand new kitchen appliances! This s..
Haba | Little Friends | Dollhouse Furniture | Master Bedroom
Even though they're just dolls, the Little Friends need their rest! This master be..
Haba | Little Friends | Dollhouse Furniture | Parlor
The Little Friends are having company over to their new dollhouse and could use so..
Haba | Little Friends | Dollhouse | Decor Decals
Aspiring decorators can now customize their Little Friends Dollhouse! These..
Haba | Little Friends | Elisa
Elisa is "the Adventurer" and likes to think she is the leader of the pack. She ha..
Haba | Little Friends | Grandma Elli
Grandma Elli adores her Little Friends family! Her passion is whipping up d..
Haba | Little Friends | Grandpa Kurt
Wise Grandpa Kurt just loves spending time with his children and grandchild..
Haba | Little Friends | Horse Care Set
Haba | Little Friends | Horse Feed Play Set
This set includes everything the Little Friends may need to keep their horse frien..
Haba | Little Friends | Imke
Imke is known as "the Dancer" in the group and is often seen tap-dancing and fox-t..
Haba | Little Friends | Lisbeth
Lisbeth has her work boots and bandana on so she can get right to work tidying up ..
Haba | Little Friends | Lukas
Lukas is eager to join his Little Friends in the Gym & Ballet world! He's donn..
Haba | Little Friends | Mika
Mika just loves taking care of her horses in the Little Friends Horse World. Today..
Haba | Little Friends | Play Set Favorites
Stock the playroom with this toy set, perfectly sized for the kids in the family! ..
Haba | Little Friends | Riding Joy Play Set
Saddle up! With this equestrian accessory set, your Little Friends and their horse..
Haba | Little Friends | Steven
Kid brother Steven loves school and spending time with his family in the Li..
Haba | Little Friends | Vanessa
Vanessa is one of the newest additions to the Little Friends collection and is sur..
Haba | Little Friends | Yoga Play Set
In order for the Little Friends to find their Zen at Yoga class, get their sweat o..
Haba | Princess Dress Set
Details Dress your doll in style with the Princess Dress Set for the HABA Doll Collection! Th..
Haba | Pure Nature Benji Musical Bunny
Age:  0 Months+   Details Benji the bunny will hop..
Haba | Pure Nature Pudgie Musical Puppy
Age:  0 Months+   Details This super cuddly puppy will become a..
Haba | Sand Bucket Scooter
Age:  2 Years + Availability:  In stock ..
Haba | Sand Monster Mold Set
Age:  3 Years + Availability:  In stock Details ..
Haba | Sand Play | Baudino Dump Truck
Age:  18 Months + Availability:  In stock Details ..
Haba | Snug Up Doll | Inga
Age:  6 Months+ Availability:  In stock ..
Haba | Snug Up Doll | Thea
Age:  6 Months+ Availability:  In stoc..
Haba | Sun Bistro Sand Icing Sugar Shaker
Age:  3 Years + Availability:  In stock Details Decorate ..
Haba | Threading Game | Greta's Garden
Age:  3 Years + Availability:  In stock Details Little on..
Haba | Wooden Puzzle | My Day
Age:  3 Years + Details Mornings, afternoons and evenings … with each la..
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