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Mamma.Rocks | Special IN STORE Order Custom Necklace

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Special order a Mamma.Rocks necklace is create and design a custom necklace based on your needs. Do to overwhelming popularity we have streamlined the ordering process, you can now select the gender, length, clasp style, needs that you want addressed and include any special requests for color or stones used. Once your order is received, we will work to deisgn your customized Mamma.Rocks necklace.


Current lead time is 1 week, this is subject to change depending on demand. 


A Mamma.Rock necklace can help address the following issues, but is not a substitute for medical attention or advice.



How to Order


You want the necklace to remain 2 finger widths away from baby's neck, anymore slack than this can become a chocking hazard as baby's arm could get caught in the necklace. Necklace should not reach baby's mouth and is not meant to be chewed on. Adult supervision is required while wearing the necklace. If baby falls asleep we recommend checking the necklace to be sure it is not tight against neck or removing from baby's neck and wrapping it around their ankle.

Baby Necklace Sizing Guide

Age Weight Size
0 - 3 months 6 to 10 lbs

 9" to 10"

3-18 months 10 to 25 lbs

 10.5" to 11.5"

12 - 36 months 25 to 40 lbs

 12" to 13"

3 to 5 years 30 to 55 lbs

 13" to 14"

*This size chart is a general sizing. To get exact sizing for your baby, measure baby's neck by wraping a piece of string around the neck, up against the skin and then lay out on a ruler. Add 1 inch to this measurement to obtain the size baby needs. Round up to the nearest half inch.

To measure for yourself or older children, take a string and wrap it around neck to the location you would like it to lay and measure on a ruler or measure a current favorite necklace. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


Clasp Options

There are two types of clasps we offer. The first is a BPA Free plastic screw clasp that has been saftey tested to break away at the clasp when 7 pounds of pressure is applied. Once broken it can be restung and is covered under our Lifetime Warranty. The scond is a magnetic clasp that pulls apart at 4 pounds of pressure and is recommended for children under 1. If child is older than 6 months and child has never worn a necklace before, we would recommend a twist clasp over a magnetic one because child may find that they can pull it off and it could get lost easily.


Check necklace each time you go to put it on to be sure that it is in good sturdy condition. Each bead is secured with a knot to keep it from falling apart if broken. Necklace should be removed and wrapped around baby's ankle while they sleep, during bath and pool time. When hazelwood beads get dark brown or black it is time to bring your necklace in for a hazelwood refresh. This is not covered under the mamma rocks lifetime warranty, but is a service we offer to all clients. 

Mamma.Rocks offers a LIFETIME warranty on each handcrafted piece
Special orders do not qualify for reward point redemption, but will earn rewards points.

Mamma Rocks Certificate of Authenticity

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