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Wool Dryer Balls

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100% wool dryer balls bounce lightly in the dryer, not making a peep, while saving you cash in a flash. 

ReusaWool Dryer Balls are the natural solution for softening your clothes without chemicals. Made completely from wool, they help your clothes (and cloth diapers!) tumble dry softly, and reduce the drying time by up to half.

Wool naturally absorbs 40% of it's weight in misture, which is absorbed from your clothes. They dryer ball gently moves clothes around giving a more even dry, which reduces the amount it takes to dry. 

Great for all laundry. To use, simply toss 3-4 balls in your wet dryer and start. No need to remove them from the dryer, just reuse! Approximately 9” circumference (about the size of a tennis ball). Use 3-4 balls for fastest drying. Won’t harm your clothes. 100% Wool, some natural pilling may occur over time. Available in natural and colors. The colors are safe for any color laundry, the dye used is fiber reactive, and will not bleed onto your clothing. Lasts for many years! No more dryer sheets! 

We can scent your dryer balls for you. The scent is deposited to the center of the dryer ball and will not get on your clothes or cloth diapers. We can scent with either fragrance oil or essential oils for a minimal charge. We also can rescent you dryer balls.  

Our personal experience: We use to dry our cloth diapers on low heat for 90-110 minutes. After we added 3 dryer balls we reduced our drying time to 50-60 minutes. 

Tips to combat static. During seasonal changes we have noticed an increse in static in our laundry. To help remedy this issue, we put a couple of saftey pins into each ball, which reduces the negative charge caused by the dryer during seasons changing or in drier climates.


How Do Wool Dryer Balls Work?

The balls help lift and separate clothing, reducing static and drying time. They work by improving the circulation of heat and air through your wet items, making your dryer work smarter, not harder. They also act as a natural fabric softener and they can be scented, so there is no need to ever have to use a dryer sheet again. Wool dryer balls are durable and will never wear out, making them the most natural and econmical way to dry your clothes and diapers. Scented dryer balls are cloth diaper safe when scented correctly. 


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