If you have a current layaway, read below on how to make a payment.


Terms and Conditions


Here's how it works:


Add items to your cart $100 minimum, before shipping, sales tax and after Reward Points & Loyalty Discount 


Excluded Items: Layaway may not be used in conjunction with any sale, discount or other coupon code, clearance, rentals, kprise kits and other such products are not permitted to be put on layaway. If such products are put on layaway you will be notified that your layaway payment is either adjusted to meet regular pricing of sale items or that your layaway cannot be processed and therefore is cancelled. A refund of your downpayment will be granted in the event of us cancelling your layaway due to excluded items being included in the layaway purchase.




  • The Downpayment is non-refundable and there is a $5 surcharge fee to cover the additional processing costs and to store your layaway. The surcharge is waived for Gold & Platinum VIPs.
  • Making a Payment: Payments are due 30 days from the start of your layaway, see guidelines above. Using the Layaway Payment option below, enter the amount you wish to pay and your original layaway order id. To calculate your payment due, take the discounted amount from the original layaway, add $5 for the layaway surcharge, divide that number by the number of payments you have in your layaway. This information may also be found in your original layaway order history.
  • You are responsible for making timely payments, we will not remind you on a regular basis that your layaway payment is due. 
  • If you'd like to pay early and would like the payoff balance, please email us. 
  • Your purchase will be shipped, or hand delivered if you are local, upon receipt of your final payment. Reward points will be issued after your layaway payments have been completed.


Giveaways & Promotions:

If there is a promotion or giveaway at the time of you purchasing an item on layaway, only the downpayment less any shipping costs will be the considered amount to qualify for the promo. 


What happens if you change your mind:


  • The original downpayment is kept as our fee for storing the items and not being able to sell it to others
  • If you notify us within 3 business days of the layaway start date, your downpayment will be converted into  store credit, which may be used for a future purchase

What happens if you don't make a payment:


  • If you fail to make a payment within 2 weeks of your payment due date, your layaway order will be considered abandoned and we'll cancel the layaway and refund any additional payment over the initial downpayment amount, including any charges for tax and shipping.

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions as needed. We will cancel future layaway privileges for those that have failed to make regular payments in the past or whom have cancelled their layaways.

By choosing to do a layaway, you are to and will be bound by the terms and conditions found on this page.

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Layaway Payment
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