Mamma.Rocks Warranty

Mamma.Rocks Warranty Gurantees the craftmanship of each piece made and offers a LIFETIME warranty.


Mamma.Rocks warranty covers breakage from accident to normal wear and tear for the life of the piece. Lost or stolen items are not covered under this warranty.


If a piece is defective or breaks within the first 30 days, then it will be restrung at no cost. This covers up to one stone being replaced at the breaking point. Additional replacement stones would need to be covered at cost.


If an item is broken due to an accident or normal wear and tear it is covered under the lifetime warranty, for the the original owner. The cost of shipping the item to us for repair and any stones or clasps needing replaced is the owner’s responsibility. We will ship the item back at no cost to the owner.


Hazelwood pieces will need to be restrung when the bark begins to darken. This is normal and expected. The cost of a Hazelwood refresh is $7.50, which includes the cost of replacement hazelwood and return shipping to the owner. The restring portion of the refresh is waived for the original owner.


Our warranty does not guarantee the effectiveness of each peice. Amber, Gemstone and Hazelwood jewelry all have various effects on each individual and can no way be guaranteed to work for every person or all the time.


Warranty work typically has less than 1 week turn around time.


All warranty requests need to have an RMA number before sending product in for repair.


To request a warranty repair and RMA, please bring back to the store your purchased from or contact us directly via



Phone: 301.338.8272


Mail Repair Requests to:


Warranty Request RMA #

1508 Beford Street

Cumberland, MD 21502


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