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The TushMate® All-In-One system helps you to make your baby as comfortable as possible. Its open design and self-secured hemp/cotton fabric insert enable you to easily adjust the diaper's absorbency and shorten drying time.

Fits 8 to 40 lbs

Prints are made to have front and back right side up everytime.

All-In-One Cloth Diaper

Wrap your baby in TushMate® ultra soft, breathable, and trim-fit All-In-One diaper.

There are two types of All-In-One diapers available in TushMate line: Newborn All-In-One diapers and One-Size All-In-One diapers.The inner side of the diaper is covered by a high quality stay-dry liner fabric to make your baby as comfortable as possible. Its snappable pocket opening with built-in expandable inserts always keep the insert(s) in place while allowing you to easily add extra insert(s) to provide adjustable absorbency. Moreover, the hemp/cotton insert keeps the diaper trim without sacrificing absorbent capacity. And the semi-attached open design helps you to save time and energy by shortening the drying time.



All-In-One Cloth Diaper Features


The breathable, flexible and extra soft fasteners eliminate irritation of baby’s delicate skin.


Form-fitting shape fits snugly at the waist and around the legs working in tandem with the gently and strategically elasticized semi-attached liner, dynamically preventing leakage and minimizing red marks.


Highly absorbent TushMate hemp/cotton inserts hold a great volume of liquid more effectively. Open design allows you to tuck in additional inserts for extra protection.


For Newborn All-In-One diapers, two-row snap system allows adjustment of diaper size to fit newborns and infants from approximately 5 to 14 pounds.
For One-Size All-In-One diapers, four-row snap system allows adjustment of diaper size to fit babies from approximately 8 to 35 pounds.


The semi-attached liner made from high-quality fleece gently wick moisture away, keeping baby happy and dry. The wide elastic band used on the back reduces the red marks.


Fixed liner-insert unfolds completely, reducing drying time.


The Fabrics TushMate® Uses


We spent more than two years searching for good fabrics and reputable manufacturers in order to make sure TushMate® provides high quality products. All fabrics used in TushMate® products meet or exceed the following standards:

US Public Law 110-314, Section 102 of the CPSIA.

Flammability Testing 16 CFR Part 1610 of the CPSIA.


The waterproof and breathable TPU fabric used in TushMate® Shells are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

In our experience, we believe all natural fabric inserts will benefit you by protecting baby’s skin and by saving you money. TushMate® Inserts are made from all natural fabric. The organic cotton fabrics we choose are all certified by the IMO.




TushMate cloth diaper has been selected as a Parent Tested Parent Approved Award Winning Product.

Read what parent testers have to say:

"TushMate is now one of my top favorite diapers. I love how thin they are - and they still offer the same leakage protection that other thicker diapers have offered. By being completely flexible in how you assemble the diaper, you can make it the right diaper for just about any situation. It's completely adjustable (so much room to grow!) and, most importantly of all - it looks really cute. "

"The TushMate cloth diaper offers the versatility to let you choose the type of system you want to use. With 4 rise settings and excellent leak protection its one-size diaper is a great addition to any fluffy stash!" 

Read the report from The National Parenting Center:

"When presented with TushMate’s diaper the reactions were very positive. The fit for infants was very good. The diaper is not bulky and the material was much softer than most disposable diapers . Leakage, which is a concern of with all diapers, was not reported with the TushMate All-In-One Newborn Cloth Diaper. Testers found these diapers easy to wash and they did not hold on to any lingering smells. "

TushMate Globe Cover - "As a cover this really appealed to testers thanks to the uniqueness of the design. Inside the cover is a stay-dry liner which also snaps on and off. You even have the option of adding one or more layer inserts under the liner as necessary to prevent accidents. Parents liked that the liner was soft and comfortable and helped to keep baby’s skin dry. It also went through numerous wash cycles and maintained its softness."



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