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Our Capri™ diaper covers are simple, reusable and waterproof with true leg gussets and adjustable snaps that allow them to grow with your baby.
This easy to use cover comes in snaps that ensure a secure hold. 

Pair the Capri™ covers with any 
prefold, stay-dry, minky, cotton, bamboo, or hemp insert for a complete diapering solution. 

The Capri™ covers feature "stay-put" flaps that insure your insert stays in place.


Weight Range: 6-16 lbs

Waist: 11-19 inches

Thighs: 3.5-10 inches

Rise: 12.5-15 inches

Fabric Content: 100% polyester 

Wash & Care

Before using the covers:  wash and dry your diaper diaper cover in warm or hot water (up to 140F/60C) prior to first use.  

General Wash & Care: Keep your wet and dirty diapers in a diaper pail. 

Wash your diapers & inserts in warm or hot water (up to 140F/60C) on regular cycle.  Follow the recommended amount of detergent as stated on the soap's packaging based on your load size.  

An additional rinse can be used for particularly soiled loads. Make sure that your diapers are rinsed clean. Any residue from poop, urine, or detergent can make your diapers smell.  Tumble dry on warm or hot (up to 140F/60C) or line dry.

Do not use bleach.  This includes Oxyclean or other oxygen-based bleach.  These laundry additives will cause the fabric's fibers to break down.  It will also cause the waterproof layer of the diaper to de-laminate. Do not use baking soda or vinegar in your wash. These are unnecessary and may cause problems in your diapers.
Made in the USA

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