Genuine Baltic Amber | 5.5" Teething Bracelet or Anklet | Raw Multi

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Baltic Amber has been used as a natural remedy for pain relief for hundreds of years. As the natural resin warms with the body’s temperature it releases natural healing oils, containing succinic acid, into the bloodstream. Succinic acid is naturally found in the human body.

The healing properties of natural Baltic Amber have been found to help with the following:

All Baltic Amber necklaces sold through this store have been heat tested for authenticity. Heat testing is comprised of heating the amber over high heat until warm to the touch, then smelling the beads. When it is authentic, the amber should smell of pine, not of plastic or other artificial smells.

These bracelets double as anklets for smaller babies. Depending on babies age and weight the bracelet could be worn as an anklet to avoid any chocking hazard. Each bead is individually knotted to help prevent several beads coming off at once if broken. We offer restringing at a very low price, if needed. 

To keep necklace performing correctly, avoid soaps and lotions during bathtime by removing necklace. Cleanse necklace with warm water only. Recharge necklace in sunlight to heat necklace warmer than our bodies can, thus producing more succinic acid to the surface of the necklace.

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