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Sweet Pea | Baby Ink Exclusive | Bamboo AiO *LE*

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Introducing Baby Ink a Kebbie's Diaper Bag & Sweet Pea Exclusive Collaboration has arrived! This print is made up of old school tattoos and each with their own special meaning. Here are the special meanings behind each image for us, we would love to hear what they will mean for you.


The "Mom" Heart is the largest heart on the diaper, showing how truly large our hearts our to love our children and family so deeply. Once you become a mom your heart is branded forever with that name. 


The "Angel Baby" Heart is for the babies lost before their time. We cherish these sweet angels that grace us with their love from afar and that will always remaind in our hearts. 


The "Forever" Heart with a sword through it reminds us how love can be painful and heart wrenching, but through it we will continue to love. 


The Dice remind us that life is full of chances and we need to take those chances in life and love to really live. 


The Joint Hearts with Wings demonstrates that love will carry us through the journey of parenthood.


The Turtle is a symbol that has many meanings for me personally. The first, it is in memory of a very special little girl taken from this world too soon, we love and miss you Emma Hensel. A portion of the proceeds will go towards the research of DIPG through Emma's Wish. It also reminds me of my mother as her favorite animal is a turtle. 


The Mushrooms were added because they are my favorite thing to doodle and remind me of my childhood. 


The Sparrow symbolizes perfect faith, for to have perfect faith is to have wings. 


The Mermaid was incorporated to remind me of a simpler time and of my sister as one of her very favorite movies to watch was the little mermaid. 


The Barbwire is memory of my brother's near death experience of driving through a Barbwire fence on a motor bike in 2004. The fence lacerated his neck, but he survived by walking into the ER holding his neck to keep him from bleeding out. 


Just like tattoos on our bodies, each one has a signifigance. The meaning may be different for each one of us, but these are the meanings behind the reason we included them in our design on our exclusive print. 

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