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VIP | Relaxation and Rejuvenation Salt Cave

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This exclusive VIP event will kick off with a relaxing morning at the Spa, the Himalayan Salt Cave at Bruceton Mills Wellness Center. Join us for a early morning visit to get our day started off right by being suspended in zero gravity chairs while the Himalayan salt absorbs our negative ions and gives you a deep relaxed feeling.

On Thursday, July 12th, we will be meeting at KDB parking lot at 6:45, departing at 7 am, if you would like to carpool with us, we have room for 5 moms! Please mention in your order comments that you would like to carpool in the fluffmobile.
The session will start promptly at 8 am and will last 45 minutes. It is about 55 minutes travel time to the Wellness Center from Lavale.
Mom's with quiet lap children count as one, but for children 4 years or older, please purchase an additional space for each child.


From their website:

Halo therapy is inspired by the rituals practiced in European salt mines since the early 19th century. Salt rooms simulate the natural environments of those authentic salt caves. In 1843, Doctor Felix Boczkowski believed that the air in the Wieliczka Poland Salt Cave generated effects on people with respiratory conditions. 

What to Expect?

Salt cave sessions are 45 minutes, beginning on the hour. You will relax in a comfortable zero gravity chair, listening to soothing sounds of music and breathing the mineral saturated salt air. The room is kept near 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Clean blankets are provided for each session.

Salt Cave Rules


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